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Our Vision

We are community of professionals adhering to recognized standards of practice, who provide outstanding leadership in the experience and impact of volunteers on the organization and individuals they serve.

Our Mission

Professional development

Our association brings together people in London, Ontario and surrounding areas who have a common interest in providing the best possible leadership in volunteer management by:

  • Promoting and advocating for professionalism within the field of volunteer management and the community at large
  • Providing educational, professional development and mentoring opportunities for members to keep them appraised of recognized standards of practice, trends, resources, idea exchanges and innovative solutions
  • Collaborating with agencies and institutions to enhance volunteer management and volunteerism across the community

As an internationally recognized profession, volunteer administrators have established standards and best practices. Currently, in Canada we have provincial and national management certification processes that will soon give way to an international certification process, uniting  individuals and organizations around the world. LAVA’s purpose is to support regional volunteer administrators by finding new ways to engage volunteers, provide access to up-to-date information  and reinforce the fundamentals; as well as provide guidance that meets the specific demands of our region. LAVA invites people with expertise surrounding our profession to, share information and resources and we create opportunities for our members to come together – often we learn the most from members who share their expertise and experiences. 


Issues such as Police checks, government policy, and funding, are a part of the landscape for volunteer involvement in our communities. LAVA provides a central point of information on local, provincial, and national activity that impacts volunteering. As professionals passionate about the meaningful participation of volunteers in civil society we keep apprised of relevant issues and advocate on behalf of volunteers, volunteerism, and volunteer programs for the best possible outcome of volunteer involvement in our communities.


LAVA attracts members from the newly initiated to the very experienced. Some of our members come from start ups and others from large institutions. LAVA has a long history of more experienced members sharing what they know and what they have with those who request assistance. Mutual support is a key part of the benefits of LAVA membership. Our monthly ‘Soapbox’ provides members with the opportunity to ask for input on a specific challenge they are facing in their workplace from those who may have navigated them before.